Extensions & Wigs

Raw Silky Straight Extensions

The Mi Amour Collection hair is raw quality. This means our hair is constructed from one donor with the full strand laid in the same direction. Mi Amour Hair has a life span of 2-3 years with proper care. Any color application will effect the integrity of the hair so it is recommended to be performed by a licensed professional. The use of sulfate free shampoo and silk protein conditioner is suggested for maintaining your extensions or unit.

How Much Hair to Order
Our hair is weighed so It can vary from 3.5 and up. We suggest a minimum of 8 ounces for the lengths 12"-16", 12 ounces for the lengths 18"-24", 16 ounces for lengths greater than 24" or typically more bundles are required for longer lengths.

Photographs/Client Photos
Photographs we post on Social Media such as IG, twitter, and FB are used to showcase customer orders and hairstylist using our product. Please use different lighting, and flash to give a clear photo image.

Raves & Reviews

"OK first let me say this is not my first experience wearing a wig, but this is my first experience wearing one that is almost impossible to detect that it is a wig! The MiAmour Collection has taken custom wigs to a new level! The hair is so light and natural, I love it! Ladies it is the only way to go!"
- Stephanie L.

"I have ripple wave and lush body wave from DiAmour Collection. I LOVE THIS HAIR!! I consider myself to be a "weave addict"... I love weave & Most hair I've purchased in the past has given me a problem one way or another I.e shedding, kinking up, too dry, unrealistic looking etc but this hair is PERFECT! The texture and wave pattern stays after you had the same bundles for over a year. No shedding no tangles. The only complaint I have is that I can't grow it from my own scalp lol! it's the only hair i will wear now!"
- Starr C.

"I have a decade plus experience with hair extensions and weaves, and I can judge the quality of hair at first sight. The best decision I ever made was purchasing Ripple Wave hair from the Mi Amour Collection. The hair has no corn chip smell as many hair I have purchased often has and is very soft. I am extremely impressed and I have no matting and even after bleaching and dying it, the hair is still bomb! Mi Amour Collection hair is excellent quality. I was skeptical about purchasing the Silky Straight hair but when I say my hair is still silky & straight after its been washed, dyed two different colors, and reused 4 times now and hair is still in excellent condition. I definitely will buy this hair again. The price was reasonable & I got it fast. I am a young girl just looking for good quality hair at a good price.
- Lola Sanchez

"I love my hair it was a great choice also an excellent deal. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family."
- Tanya